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Athena Andreadis… Concert

Saturday, March 18th, 2006

And here are some of the shots of the gig itself. Athena’s musicians (guitarist Werner Kristiansen and double bass player Tom Mason) were absolutely fantastic, I may as well just burn my guitar after listening to Werner!
I was worried about disturbing the audience as the music was intimate and quiet, but apparently neither performers or audience heard my shutter clicks. Ironically, I was asked to leave the room when I was quietly on my mobile phone during the interval by an officious steward… I’m really glad it wasn’t because of my shooting which I always try to keep unobtrusive. Athena’s a great singer as well as a lovely person and this job was definitely a privilige.

Athena Andreadis… Pre-Concert

Saturday, March 18th, 2006

I first caught Athena at Whitby Musicport in 2004 singing traditional Greek music and bumped into her again at Womad last year. She’s very photogenic as well as having a great voice!
Here are some shots of Athena and the rest of her trio taken in the afternoon before the gig, unfortunately Athena had a cold so we couldn’t spend long outdoors and we didn’t have much time at all by the piano so the shots were a bit rushed. Live gig photos to follow…

(Edit… the two heads might look a bit random if you don’t know they’re Athena’s musicians: guitarist Werner Kristiansen and double bass player Tom Mason.

Cara Dillon

Friday, March 17th, 2006

I’ve been taking photos of lots of rock bands recently, I’ve mellowed out in the last couple of days by shooting some very talented heart-felt folk/world singers. I photographed Cara in the Sheffield Memorial Hall, a beautiful venue but extremely difficult to shoot in as the atmosphere is like a classical concert. Taking photos from the front would have been offputting for the audience, so I shot from the back. There was next to no light, really tough conditions. Not very flattering light for the performers. I’m going to avoid this venue like the plague in future. The music was very quiet and intimate, so the shutter clicks had to be timed with crescendos in the music.
The next day, I took photos of the wonderful Athena Andreadis at the Kendal Brewery Arts Centre and got a strong set of photos which I’ll post as soon as I can find time. Shame I didn’t shoot Cara there… she’ll be performing in the same venue next week. I also took some promo shots for Athena.
Cara had a wonderful support act, a singer/songwriter called Kat Flint who had just given up her London job to join Cara on the road. Very engaging personality and great songs.

Cara was great… although her accompanying musicians had talent, I’m not sure they really worked well together. Cara’s spirit really soared above them all most of the time.


Friday, March 3rd, 2006

Great atmosphere at this gig, very popular band!
I love shooting from the balcony at Leeds Uni, it’s great for audience shots… especially when it’s a high-energy audience.
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