Love Leeds Festival

Nice atmosphere at this one, great festival-goers.
Spoilt for me by the way the press were treated.
I was asked to sign a disclaimer which stated that I would send all my photos of the event within 7 days to the promoter Terry George, who would then be free to use the photos in any way whatsoever. I crossed out those clauses, signed it and handed it in. The guy is a millionaire, and also does some professional photography, it is pure greed. There were 7 official photographers onsite who were all paid nothing, again Terry took ownership of their photos and sold them on the official website. I couldn’t get into any of the photo pits, and we were barred from entering the VIP area (access is standard at every festival I’ve been to).
By contrast, at Hi:Fi North we had a press tent in the VIP area, and massive amounts of free water, beer and cider. And fruit!
In view of this, I’m not keen to promote the festival so this post is text only!

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  1. daniel Says:

    That’s outrageous. I’ve noticed those photo contracts getting more and more restrictive. But to say you have to hand over your photos to the promoter to do whatever he likes with them is ridiculous.

    It’s a sad state of affairs since most of the time the photographer is beholden to the promoter to get the proper access. But the promoter should understand the value the photographer provides in publicity for the event. Usually it’s a fairly symbiotic relationship, but promoters seem to be getting more arrogant and greedy.

  2. doctor447 Says:

    Love Leeds!
    2pm - 6am!
    8 arenas - 14 hours!

    Am I missing the point or is the fact that it’s 16 hours just confirming that they are a bunch of tossers?

    You’re such a genuine person Bob, I admire how you put up with the “*&^&*ers” in the music industry.

  3. Bob Rose Says:

    Thanks so much! To be honest, I wish it didn’t wind me up as much. It’s much easier to just go along with it all but I don’t seem to be that sort of person!

  4. Ian Slater and Alicia Martin Says:

    Hi Bob, we are Alicia and Ian.

    Just a dropping few lines to say hello and let you know that we finally did not end up in the islands in Malasya.

    We are right now in Chiang Mai and we are quite impressed by the pictures you have in your blog.

    By the way we had the chance to go to Tsunami, in Chiang Mai, such a good recommendation! Thanks a lot. We went there twice and it is one of the best japanese restaurants we’ve ever been to. Thanks a lot and happy birthday to Kate (a bit late, though!)

    Have you keep enjoying your tour.


    Alicia and Ian

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