Famous People#2 Robert Plant

Robert Plant was one of the few people in my ‘Living God’ list, I’ve always been a HUGE fan. I used to work in a guitar shop in London about 15 years ago, serving many famous names. When Robert Plant walked in, I was blown away! I saw him at Glastonbury a few years later, and it was an incredible gig. Amazing voice and atmosphere, a very special moment.
I loved Plant’s new album ‘Mighty Rearranger’, so I was really looking forward to taking photos at Womad this year, and experiencing the magic again.
It didn’t bode well when I turned up at the photographers’ pit to be told that Mr. Plant had decreed that no photographers were to be allowed into the pit, we had to shoot from no nearer than the speakers at the side of the stage. He brought his own security team who were very heavy handed to enforce this. And when the set started, the lighting was kept VERY low during the 3 songs we had to shoot through. I heard Plant was vain when it came to photographers, but this was ridiculous.
I wouldn’t have minded if he was good but his attitude was terrible, he was performing poorly like he didn’t want to be there at all. I was very disappointed to see the downfall of my idol.
I caught him again at V Festival a month later, and this was very different. The photographers were treated well, and he gave a much more spirited performance.

Robert Plant at V Festival 

Robert Plant at Womad

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  1. carmen skeparnis Says:

    Hi! I saw your pics and I shot about 200 pics of RobertPlant at the Asheville,NC show 6-14-08. I would love for you to look at them and see if you can improve them?

    I saw others taking shots and I kept going to the end.

    It was one of the best days of my life!

    I love your pics. I took his hand and his boots..

    Best wishes, Carmen

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