Arve Henriksen

Another concert from the Fuse Leeds festival.
I’m a huge fan of Henriksen, and this gig absolutely blew me away. It’s definitely in my top5 ‘most amazing gigs I’ve seen’ list.
Henriksen is best known for making his trumpet sound like a Japanese bamboo flute… not only all the inflexions are there but the spirit is spot-on. Through the concert, musical boundaries were constantly crossed though different nations (Japanese, Mongolian, Armenian), but also from pentatonic through classical avant-garde, through electronic and traditional diatonic.
Henriksen made use of electronics, looping and triggering pre-recorded samples simultaneously while performing which worked well and was never self-indulgent.
He also sang in many different styles, and my highlight was a piece where he sang in a Mongolian style with a deep undertone. This can come across as a clever trick when western performers show this off, but it was done with such spirit that I felt my heart was being ripped out of my body! Anyway, enough praise, on with the photos.
I was lucky enough to have access to Henriksen’s warm-up so I could take photos without worrying about disturbing anybody. The beautifully lit Leeds Parish Church was a great choice for this spiritually inspirational gig.

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  1. Mark Tighe Says:

    Wow, what a great setting for a gig. I’ve been watching your site now for quite a while. I stumbled across it after bomfest,

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