B.B. King and Gary Moore

Busy busy busy, I had the pleasure of photographing the B.B. King farewell tour with Gary Moore this evening at Sheffield Arena.
Gary Moore is a good guitarist, but I felt that him and his band would have been more at home playing in a pub. He doesn’t quite seem to have the charisma to fill an arena and his band remind me of musicians who play the pub circuit in Blackpool with quiet desperation. He does pull some grimaces during his solos though!
B.B. King though, wow! That man is a showman. He had the arena eating out of his hand and his guitar solos moved me to tears. Gary Moore tries to show how great he is, B.B. King just is great. Amazing spirit.

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  1. skiprow Says:

    splendid shooting, bob! would love to see a bw of bb king ;-)

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