Sigur Ros

I didn’t know anything about this band other than the fact they were from Iceland and were supposed to have inspired Coldplay. The support band consisted of a string quartet playing the kind of minimalism that was popular in classical music circles about twenty years ago… slowly evolving harmonies that changed every four beats, with extra minimalist textures over the top provided by extra percussion and a laptop. Not particularly demanding music, but it was intriguing to see a sold-out Manchester Apollo audience really appreciate something that I would expect to see in a traditionally classical environment.
After Sigur Ros had been playing for a while, I realised that the support band also played with the main band, alongside a brass band. The band sang in Icelandic. There weren’t so much songs as large-scale textures with falsetto overtones. The guitarist played with a violin bow… obviously this brings Jimmy Page to mind but it worked really well here with the brass band and string quartet. This band seem to have cultural aspirations!
They weren’t a visual band, and they didn’t use a lot of lighting. In fact most of my camera settings were 1/5s to 1/20s at F2.8 at 200mm. Wow, the Anti-Shake on my Minolta 7D really came in handy with this gig.
There were quite a few other photographers at this gig, including one really arrogant pushy **** who literally elbowed me out of the way to get at the front of the queue to get into the pit. I never get stressed about this, as there is usually plenty of room and I like to keep moving about anyway. What an idiot.

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  1. Amanda Says:

    Ive just discovered your blog and I’m so glad I have.
    Your photos are wonderful and tips very helpful.
    I love Sigur Ros and yes, they aren’t a band that move around a lot so not the most interesting to shoot, but you did a great job! :)

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