Beverley Knight

Not at all impressed tonight, I had a commission to shoot Beverley at a secret gig in Leeds but when I got there I was told that I wasn’t allowed to take any photos. I’m assuming this is because of her official photographer who was running around like a headless chicken, protecting his patch. I can’t believe how many other photographers turned up. I think the promoter had invited loads of photographers to photograph all the z-list celebrities who turned up to watch the gig… while not being allowed to shoot the artist. I left quickly. What a waste of time.
This can happen from time to time with over-zealous tour managers, it happened before when I went to Sheffield to take photos of Judas Priest. The PR manager had arranged a pass with the band manager but not the tour manager. Argh, the music business!
This is why I always try to get the contact details for the tour manager now before each gig.

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