The Sugars

I was asked to cover the launch party for The Sugars’ new single at The Faversham for The Leeds Guide magazine… I haven’t been there in years since I was a student at Leeds Uni over 15 years ago!
Leeds students are still a bunch of posers… it looked like serious business looking cool for most people who were there. Give me a rock crowd any day, much more down to earth.
Jedi Wyatt the drummer was absolutely lovely, and a fantastically spirited and energetic drummer giving the band some substance and heart.
I have to say that it wasn’t really my crowd so I left after a few songs. Great lighting at the Faversham though!

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  1. Nick Says:

    Total tosh - I was also at the G Moore BB King concert and it just proved it was time for BB to hang up Lucille. Gary was soo much better it was almost embarrassing. The author of this report is obviously not a musician.

  2. Bob Rose Says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but for what it’s worth I am a musician.

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