Johnny Truant

Having checked out Johnny Truant’s material on their MySpace page, I didn’t think I was going to be into an evening of growling death metal. I was wrong! These guys really know how to perform, one of the most charismatic metal bands I’ve seen in quite a while. I’m sure they’re going to be huge.
This was the first time I’ve taken photos at The Cockpit in Leeds, very bizarre place. The band have to leave their dressing room and go into the street to get to the back of the stage. Luckily the band are okay with my getting on the stage with them, otherwise it would be quite tricky to get photos as there’s no photographer’s pit and the venue is packed.

4 Responses to “Johnny Truant”

  1. Dub Says:

    Awesome work. That third shot down is so sick!!!! They must love that shot! The wide angel lens does a great job of opening everything up.

  2. daniel Says:

    Those are some killer shots. The 2nd and 3rd especially. Brilliant stuff.

  3. peter Says:

    I hope you are starting to get paid bank for this type of stuff. It’s on another level than most other gig photography.
    Do you routinely get spots in ads and magazines i hope? these are sweet right here.

  4. Bob Rose Says:

    Thanks Guys!
    Peter, I did get paid for this shoot.

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