Dennis Rollins Promo Shoot

I did a photoshoot yesterday for jazz trombonist Dennis Rollins, one of the most inspiring jazz musicians in the UK. The results from the shoot should end up on the cover of Jazzwise magazine and the cover of Dennis’ new album ‘Big Night Out’ which is currently being recorded.

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  1. Hugh Macdonald Says:

    You were saying that you didn’t get comments often enough….

    Though I’d do my best to change that…

    Love these shots - I think my favourites are the first and third….

    And is that a Dennis the Menace top he’s wearing there?

  2. Bob Rose Says:

    Hey thanks, much appreciated!
    Yes it is a Dennis the Menace top he’s wearing… I asked his manager to tell him to bring lots of plain tops that the magazine editor wanted for this shoot. The ones he actually turned up with were *loud*. This was the most understated top he had!

  3. peter Says:

    wow nice shots and the last and 2nd to last are sooo sweet.

  4. Dub Says:

    Awesome session Bob. The surroundings really match this guys style…I love the way you worked that into many of the pictures like the last two. You also did an awesome job of defining this guy. I’ve never heard his music but I can tell from the pictures alone that he would play brass in a jazz setting. Awesome work. I’m sure he was really pleased with the work you did.

  5. nikki radford Says:

    hi bob nikki here looked at the new website and it looks fucking brilliant!!!!!!!! just seen the pics from dennis shoot really nice babe hope your proud of them give me a call soon coz i have got a ridiculous amount of models lined up and no credit as usual!

  6. Robert Mann Says:

    Love your blog, Bob! Had to comment about the promo session. The one on the big red couch is GREAT! Love the lighting and composition and use of negative space. That big purple back drop and its lines pull me right to your subject. Great stuff! RoB (banmorn, DPC)

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