The Great Glastonbury Flood of ‘05

Thursday at Glastonbury ‘05… a scorching hot day. No need for wellies this weekend, as the forecast is good. Camp near the stone circle up from the railway embankment.
2am, get out of the tent for the toilet… notice ominous black clouds and flashes of lighting.
Next morning, the loudest lightning I have ever heard wakes me up and literally shakes the ground I’m sleeping on. I have my first big photo assignment working for The Guardian, and I have to force myself out of the tent into the pouring rain to make my morning meeting backstage with the crew. A little further down from where we’re camped, tents are submerged in raging torrents.
Apparently, people were unlucky enough to wake up, open their tents and find themselves underwater. Thank God it wasn’t me… all my camera gear was in my tent with me!
When I get to the Guardian portacabin, I’m able to break the news on The Guardian website. What a scoop!
I wasn’t able to get wellies though, and I had trench foot when I got home. It was months before I could feel my toes again. I was disgustingly cheerful all weekend though, the photo opportunities were fantastic.

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  1. peter Says:

    Wow excellent opportunity and shots. The first is my favorite.

    What a scene!

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