Tip#12 Get Published!

Okay, so you’ve followed tip#1. You’ve approached a music venue, and you give them free shots in return for letting you in to photograph all the local bands.
You’ve also followed tip#2, and always make sure that lots of photos show audience and atmosphere.
You use tip#4 so that you can get good lighting with your basic lenses and you’re bearing in mind tips 8, 9 and 11 when you can afford to upgrade your lenses.
You always remember tip#6, the giveaway of an amateur photographer.
And wherever possible you use tip#7 which will make your shots look professional.
When you can say yes to all of the above, you’re probably ready to start trying to get your photos published.
Make sure your portfolio is up to scratch… show it to some professional photographers and ask them if you’re ready for this step.
If so, make sure you have a good online portfolio. Get yourself a good website with a catchy domain name. Don’t cut corners here, image is important… especially for a photographer!
And now you find as many publications as you can, they can be purely online as well as in print. Offer your services for free or for cheap. Unfortunately, loads of other photographers will also be doing this and you need to be competitive until you get a name for yourself. Find as many places as possible that might be interested in photos. The more versatile you are, the better. You may need to shoot general news or portraits to get published. Go for it, the more experience you can get the better. Don’t get discouraged! Stay enthusiastic. Be friendly. Persevere. Build connections. Network. Get yourself out there. Be proactive… nobody can tell you exactly how to do this, but it’s how you start to build up a career as a photographer! Be patient. As you get more work, you can start charging more and being more selective. If you’re good enough it will all happen in good time with hard work. Good luck!

6 Responses to “Tip#12 Get Published!”

  1. Gnapp Says:

    Thank you for a very interesting blog Bob. I check it daily to see if you’ve done any updates.

    I read tip #12, and the sentence “Make sure your portfolio is up to scratch… show it to some professional photographers and ask them if you’re ready for this step”, as an invitation for you to look at my pictures :-)

    I’m fairly new at this, but I would very much apprechiate to get some pro-feedback on my pictures. Please see my pictures at www.gnapp.se

    Best regards,


  2. Bob Rose Says:

    You got me there! An email will be on it’s way soon.

  3. Dub Says:

    This tips are so useful. I can’t wait to start applying them. Your work really showcases not only your skill, but you genuine love of music. It really shines through in your work!!

  4. daniel Says:

    Such good advice!! I just discovered your site and am very happy i did.

  5. Bob Rose Says:

    Thanks, some great tips and photos on your blog as well! I’d have left some comments but I don’t like having to leave my email address.

  6. talitha Says:

    Hey Bob…definitely some great tips here. Your work is great, as well.
    I’d be interested in hearing what you think of my portfolio. It’s at www.taleethersaurus.com


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