Dewa Budjana

I went to this gig a couple of months ago, it was a huge media event as he was launching a new book and is one of Indonesia’s best known jazz/fusion guitarists. Not really my taste that evening, but I hear there’s a lot more to him than what I heard at this one event.

Dewa Budjana
Dewa Budjana

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  1. Gary Wolstenholme Says:

    Beautiful photos Bob. How are you? I hope all’s well?

  2. adit Says:

    hi…halo bob! what a great picture of dewa budjana! bob would u like to share foto’s of dewa budjana…coz i like & admire your work! if u don’t mind,would u send it to my email!

  3. Bob Rose Says:

    Thanks, could you let me know where you’d like to put it? Cheers, Bob

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