Selamat Jalan, Pak Suharto

It’s 5:30am and I just had the surreal experience of visiting the recently deceased former Indonesian president Suharto. Apparently I’m the only photographer who was allowed to photograph his body at his private home where friends, family and colleagues were paying their respects. This meant I could only stand in a designated place for a very quick period of time, so it was very hard to get a decent photo. I’m not really interested in politics, but this chap had a very interesting part in Indonesia’s history to say the least.
The person in these photos is Mamiek Soeharto, the youngest daughter.

Selamat Jalan, Pak Suharto
Selamat Jalan, Pak Suharto

BTW, ‘Selamat Jalan, Pak Suharto’ was the constant caption on all the TV channels (mostly owned by the Suharto family). Selamat Jalan means ‘goodbye’, but literally it means ‘good walking’… you say it when someone leaves to go somewhere else. It seems a strange way to say goodbye to somebody who died… I would have thought ‘Good Flying’, or something similar would be more appropriate.

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  1. nikki Says:

    These are really, really tasteful. I like them. How come you got to do it? Sounds crazy you were the only one allowed, you must be doing something right! x

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