Magnificent Holiday

Not many photos from the last couple of weeks, as I’ve really been enjoying the good life which also meant leaving my camera in it’s bag!!
We did get a new point & shoot in Bangkok, with a waterproof housing so we could try some underwater photography.
Kate has been trying to get me into diving for years, and I’ve never been that enthusiastic about the idea… but I got my openwater PADI licence in the Perhentian Islands of Malaysia, and now have 12 dives in my logbook! Underwater photography is really tough, especially with a p&s which has an appalling shutter lag… I forgot how annoying that was after getting a DSLR.
To get really good photos, you need really good strobes which cost an arm and a leg… the water swallows every bit of red and you need the strobes to put the colour back. Ah well, looks like this could be an expensive hobby! I was always a bit nervous of swimming with fish, but actually it’s magnificent and an amazing feeling to swim alongside a giant pufferfish, or a giant turtle. I’m hooked!
I’m a little embarassed to post photos, there’s a steep learning curve to underwater photography.


We’re now in Bali, this is really the good life after the challenges of India and working in Chiang Mai.

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  1. nikki radford Says:

    whoa, i sooooo wanna try this. i promise i’ll show you my first attempt if i ever get to do this lol x

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