Bangkok from the Air

We found ourselves with only a couple of hours before we had to catch our train, so we went up to the top of a very tall building to grab some photos. Don’t you love HDR?!
Rain Over Bangkok
Rain Over Bangkok
Rain Over Bangkok
Lumpini Park
Bangkok Bridges

4 Responses to “Bangkok from the Air”

  1. premier oil portrait Says:

    Not that I hate HDR or PS but I guess any picture taken from a scenery or place is beautiful. There’s no need of editing or distorting it. I wanted to believe that these are the images you got from your trip to Singapore. But after all of the editions, I can’t say anything except that I’m seeing pictures similar to an animated show. Do you think it’s better to just stick with the traditional or to go digital?

  2. Bob Rose Says:

    The photos are from Bangkok in Thailand… but yes those are some big questions. Personally, my thoughts are that no form of photography captures ‘reality’ in any definitive way. From the moment you make basic decisions such as what to put in the frame and leave out of it, what to expose for and what shutter speed to use, you’ve left objective reality, if that even exists.
    The search for purity and truth in photography is futile IMO. Photography is art, and I like the mood of these photos which HDR enhanced.

  3. Peter Carr Says:

    Very cool indeed.

  4. Bob Rose Says:

    Thanks Peter, those photos wouldn’t exist without your tutorial! Hope everything is going well in Liverpool…

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