Free Expression

I’m not normally a big fan of dance, but I thought it would be nice to photograph a free dance session. There are many workshops around Auroville that encourage free expression… for example, we participated in the weekly Om Choir session where you can sing anything you want as long as you’re singing ‘Om’. The aim is to invoke the divine. Now, as a musician I was very skeptical about this, but the resulting music was absolutely incredible. There were very talented singers in the group! This can go too far… when I was playing guitar for another free dance session, I wanted to tune my guitar with the tuned percussion which were all out of tune with each other. The advice given to me was to ‘tune with the heavens’. Hmm. So I expected the free dance to be interesting, and the dancers were mostly very talented as well. However, I was told I had to take part if I wanted the photos! I really don’t like to dance and don’t consider myself very coordinated but I gave it shot, which took a huge amount of courage. I’m really glad I did, as I really felt quite moved by the whole experience and am considering taking some lessons! The dancing around me was highly emotive, and remarkably without the usual ego and posing that goes with it. We have been to a few parties and gatherings since this session, where people bring their instruments and everyone does free dance which can be a really nice and unusual way to spend a Saturday night!
Om Choir
The Om Choir

Free Dance
The beginning of a free dance session

Free Dance
The following series of photos have been removed.

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