I Love Varanasi

We had a lovely afternoon with a family we met yesterday who invited us to their house for a meal today. I was suspicious, as nobody has yet been friendly without wanting anything, but I tried to keep an open mind. They were very friendly and trusting, and ended up wanting absolutely nothing but our company. They fed us the best food I’ve eaten so far in India and let Kate take care of their baby, also spending a while making her up as an Indian bride! They all had beautiful smiles and spirit, and I’m feeling quite humbled by India today.

Lovely Family
Lovely Family

3 Responses to “I Love Varanasi”

  1. Danny North Says:

    sorry forgoing on but these are outstanding…

  2. Bob Rose Says:

    Cheers mate! How’s it going with the NME at the moment? I must check your blog when I have time!
    Take care,

  3. Clair Says:

    Beautiful Kate; beautiful photos - thinking of you both.

    Clair and Simon

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