Yet more Varanasi

I was violently ill not long after my last blog entry, I felt like I lost my entire insides! I’ve seen a doctor now though who has given me lots of pills, and I also have had various tests done to see if I have anything serious… I should get the results in a couple of days. The tests were expensive… equivalent to staying for 13 days in our previous guest house! But actually it was around £15, so just expensive for India.
Anyway, some more photos! The first photo is interesting, you can see the smoke from the Burning Ghat on the left side of the photo which is where dead bodies are burnt and placed into the river. The river Ganges and the city of Varanasi are considered very holy, and if your remains are burnt and carried off here you are supposed to be released from death and rebirth. These bathers are all slightly downstream of the dead bodies. Lovely!

Boy with Stripy Steps
Man with Blue Scarf
Girl in Green
Scary Cow
Sunset Dog

2 Responses to “Yet more Varanasi”

  1. KarenNfld Says:

    Such interesting pictures! I hope you are feeling better.

  2. Charlotte Says:

    Happy Birthday Bob! Hope you feel better soon. Amazing photos! wish I could hear the sitar playing as well! Love to you both. C xx

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