Cow in Bazaar
Looking forward to getting out of Delhi… although it’s nice to be in a completely different place for the novelty factor, I’m really wanting to see some friendly faces I can trust. This is not a good place to build up faith in other people… just when you think someone may actually have spoken to you without tryng to scam you, they invariably try to sell you something and won’t let you out of their sight. My nerves were completely frazzled yesterday, but I took some amazing photos in a market with a stunning sunset, and took more great photos in the vegetable market after dark. The shots really were great. Then my card corrupted, and I couldn’t recover them despite blowing several days budget on card recovery software last night. The one above is the only one I could salvage from pasting together several corrupted bits of photo. Ah well, at least it didn’t happen on an assignment and I’ll be more careful with that particular card!

2 Responses to “Frazzled”

  1. sam furlong Says:

    Hi Bob

    I have got a recovery program called badcopy pro - have never found a card it can’t recover. If you want a copy then let me know (it’s only small) you know where to find me.

    All the best on your travels


  2. nikki Says:

    hey hope you and kate aren’t too stressed sounds mad out there, got my first band lined up and taking loads of pics so im happy. sounds like you’ve been really busy work wise and your making me feel bad! hope you had a good new year take care xxx

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