Worldwide Photojournalism

Last week we (me and my wife, Kate) made the plunge and bought a one-way ticket to India. It’s Christmas Eve, and we’re now in Qatar waiting for our connecting flight to Delhi. From there, we have no idea where we’re staying, going, or how long we’ll be gone for. All I know is that I’m going to seek out as many photojournalism opportuntities as I can. We will be travelling around Asia, probably including Nepal, Thailand, China, and Indonesia.
If anyone has any contacts in India, please give us a shout!
I can’t say I’ll miss photographing celebrities too much, but I may fly back to the UK to cover Glastonbury… I’ll see how it goes!Taken over the South of France

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  1. Peter Carr Says:

    Hey that sounds awesome dude. Hope you enjoy yourself over there. Take care, and happy xmas :)

  2. Danny North Says:

    sounds amazing man, best of luck xxx

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