Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen
One of the most difficult gigs I’ve ever shot… we had to shoot from the mixing desk which was quite a way from the stage and the lighting was extremely low. The music was meh. Great band behind him, but they were lost in the mix.

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  1. John Horsley Says:

    You did realy very well. I shot Paul Simon at Wembley Arena the night before it was crazy. I know the conditions given that in mind this is an excelent shot. I shot George Michael at Earls Court recently and that was crazy too. I shot over about 30 rows of seats? with the crowd stood up and waving hand etc… we had not been told to expect that and what’s more we only got one song (The first song) to shoot.

    Oh well life as a music photographer has it’s challanges!

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