Trafford Centre Christmas Lights Switch-On

Coca Cola Gospel Choir
Richard Fleeshman
I went off to watch Katie Price and Peter Andre singing a duet together, in aid of the Trafford Centre Christmas Light Switch-On.
I had no idea Jordan thought she could sing!
Anyway, I find out when I get there that she’s cancelled due to ‘ill health’. Apparently, this is a bit of a habit of hers, and this time allegedly because an ex of hers was singing as well.
I don’t really keep up with teen culture and soaps, so I had no idea who anybody was. They were all c**p.
Lots of screaming girls were convinced otherwise though… who is this Richard Fleeshman they were so ecstatic about?
And the Coca Cola Gospel Choir, what the f**k is that about? I’m not religious, but I do believe a Gospel choir sings The Gospel, hence it’s name. A Gospel Choir praising the great God of Coke during a Christmas ceremony in a shopping mall with Jordan singing is everything that is wrong with our culture.

2 Responses to “Trafford Centre Christmas Lights Switch-On”

  1. $!/\/£@d Says:

    i went to the traffod n u probably erd me screamin richard fleeshman all nite. e is fkin gurgus and has da nicest voice in the world!
    the onli problem i ad was wiv im nt givin autographs… i wasa gutted
    so fuck all ya bollox bout it bein shit it was fukin awsom so get ya hed sortd out. xx

  2. Bob Rose Says:

    Were you the lass screaming all night just by the photographers right at the front? If so, you were right next to me. My ears really hurt!

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