Whitby Musicport

.Cachaito Lopez
Apache Indian
Yasmin Levy
Yasmin Levy
Yasmin Levy's Guitarist
Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers
Joana Amendoeira
Reem Kelani
Michelle Scally-Clarke
Guy Davis
The Whitby Musicport world music festival always has an amazing line-up… this year we were treated to many of the musicians from Buena Vista Social Club, including Cachaito Lopez and Manuel Galban. Now Whitby Musicport is always very laid back, and takes place in a tiny venue… the band’s management left 2 forms that we photographers had to sign with a load of ridiculous demands. I’m really sick of this, no need for it at all. Other than that, the weekend was very easy going full of great music.
Highlights for me included Yasmin Levy who was on particularly good form and Reem Kelani, an exuberant Palestinian singer full of character and spirit who was joined by Zoe Rahman on piano.
More photos here: www.EyesOpen.co.uk/WhitbyMusicport2006

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