Mikey Dalton from Big Brother 7

Mikey Dalton
Mikey Dalton
Mikey Dalton
I try so hard not to be cynical about these shoots!
I liked the ‘Liverpool, European Capital of Culture’ flags in the foreground of a totally unappealing skyline.
Solfest photos will go up soon!
City of Culture

5 Responses to “Mikey Dalton from Big Brother 7”

  1. Pete Carr Says:

    Hey its a work in progress ;) Great if you like crane porn though :D

  2. vicky Says:

    mikey is 2 fit man ahhhhh i luv him 2 much i want him ahhhh

  3. Chloe Breen Says:

    I met Mikey on friday in Liquid and Envy in Crawley!!! He is as gorgeous in real life!! Wish he was mine!!

  4. naomi Says:

    whens his birthday

  5. catt Says:

    Met mikey last night in garlands in liverpool. he was so lovely and sound, really geniuine guy. Got a great photo with him too.

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