I hate Blogger

I’ve been having real problems uploading images to my Blogger account, so I decided to make the move to WordPress on my own server. Very time consuming.
My Blogger account is in limbo, as it decided to lock me out of my old domain (http://eyesopenmusic.Blogspot.com) when I changed the settings to point at my own server. The support team at Blogger have said that there is nothing they can currently do about this bug.

Moving the entire blog from Blogger to WordPress was challenging. I managed it by using ‘HTTrack Website Copier’ to rip all the images to my server along with the import utility. I ran a SQL update on all the image links to point to my server rather than the Blogspot locations which won’t show the images from an outside domain.

I’m very happy to be free of Blogger and it’s hideously slow servers.

5 Responses to “I hate Blogger”

  1. Dub Says:

    I dig the new blog space Bob. Great shots from Womad. Take it easy.

  2. Clair Says:

    Who is that picture of? He is very gorgeous…! Nice to see some more pics up, I was getting withdrawal… see you soon.

  3. Canon Says:

    Loving your work, some amazing shots. This new site is much better then your old blogger site. Is it possible to make the text whiter as it’s quite hard to read in is present setting.

  4. Bob Rose Says:

    I’ll see what I can do!

  5. Bob Rose Says:

    Any better?

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