Moor Music Festival

Pigeon Detectives

Pigeon Detectives

Jack from ‘Idle Jack & The Big Sleep’ tries some acupuncture

Jon Gomm

Jon Gomm

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I fancied a change of pace from the larger more corporate festivals I’ve been covering recently, so I headed off to the Moor Music Festival in Ilkley. I’d heard good things about it last year, so I was looking forward to it.
Although I did enjoy myself… the location was fantastic and it was great to relax in (mostly) sunshine and good weather, it has to be said that there are many festivals around which are the same cost or cheaper. These festivals are miles ahead in organisation, quality of bands, atmosphere, variety of stalls, attention to detail, etc. Solfest and Knockengorroch are two festivals that come to mind which are similarly community based and not-for-profit.
One big issue… it’s not good to stop people bringing alcohol into the festival and then allow the only beer tent to run out of most drinks almost immediately.
The Pigeon Detectives brought the event to a close as if a whirlwind hit the festival. Pushy miserable photographers appeared from nowhere. One in particular really wound me up and got under my skin… she’s usually taking photos for Kerrang and I have previously found it not pleasant to be taking photos with her. She was literally pushing me out of the way for photos and sticking her camera in front of mine. I’d been very laid back all weekend, and this attitude really took me by surprise… there was just no need for it. The next time I see her in the pit with me, I’ll tell her that if it happens again, I will shove her out of the way.

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  1. Mike Loyd Says:

    Do you have any more pictures of the Pigeon Detectives at the moor festival. I got told i was on stage dancing around like a drunken idiot but i need photographic proof for me to believe this. Can you help me out. Cheers.


  2. Bob Rose Says:

    I probably do have some shots, but please see this post:

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