Party In The Park

Duncan James 

Maria Lawson

Shayne Ward 

I spent the last few days at a music festival in Ilkley, coming back via this free 70,000 pop-fodder event in Leeds wasn’t appealing. I was gobsmacked when virtually every single band mimed. Unbelievable. Even all the instrumentalists, not just the singers.
Chico was particularly amusing, I was finding it hard to stop laughing at him so much from the pit. His lack of talent is staggering. He seems to try to make up for it with delusional but entertaining self-belief.

4 Responses to “Party In The Park”

  1. emily nutt Says:

    duncan is sooo gorgeous i’ve only ever seen him live once and that was dancing on ice on 25th of april 2007 i would absolutly love to see him again

  2. najat Says:

    ilove you duncan

  3. [A][M][Y] Says:

    i realy love shayne
    it was the best day of my life when he pulled his shirt up i was amazed i couldent stop staring my farther was pulling a funny face at me as to say if his body was better but let me tell yeh its not!
    anyways have to say my good bye’s
    xxx love you lots shayne xxx

  4. a7la_meme15@hot Says:

    i realy love shayen (shayen)

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