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Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

.Cachaito Lopez
Apache Indian
Yasmin Levy
Yasmin Levy
Yasmin Levy's Guitarist
Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers
Joana Amendoeira
Reem Kelani
Michelle Scally-Clarke
Guy Davis
The Whitby Musicport world music festival always has an amazing line-up… this year we were treated to many of the musicians from Buena Vista Social Club, including Cachaito Lopez and Manuel Galban. Now Whitby Musicport is always very laid back, and takes place in a tiny venue… the band’s management left 2 forms that we photographers had to sign with a load of ridiculous demands. I’m really sick of this, no need for it at all. Other than that, the weekend was very easy going full of great music.
Highlights for me included Yasmin Levy who was on particularly good form and Reem Kelani, an exuberant Palestinian singer full of character and spirit who was joined by Zoe Rahman on piano.
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Friday, January 20th, 2006

I love festivals, they’re also amazing opportunities for photographers. Not only can you take photos of dozens of bands in one day, but the opportunities for photos of interesting people is endless. Here’s my breakdown of some of the festivals I went to in 2005:


Fantastic festival, it’s all about the atmosphere and people. I love the green fields and hippie values… it’s not at all about the music for me. It is big though, although it’s been much more manageable since the super-fence went up and the numbers came down. I’m very sad that there’s no Glasto in 2006.

V Festival 

Absolutely horrendous, very commercial with no atmosphere. It’s a weekend of relentless high-profile bands. It’s hard work as a photographer, there are buses that take you from stage to stage giving you time to shoot one song before you’re whisked off to the next band. It goes on like that all day. At midnight, everyone is kicked off the site with nothing to do. Great for my portfolio though!


One of my favourite festivals, I’ve been going for years and even had part of my honeymoon there. Very chilled out atmosphere and fantastic musicians. 


All the media are at the Leeds/Reading festival over the same weekend, so Solfest doesn’t get the respect it deserves. I had some of my most chilled out moments of 2005 at Solfest. Very friendly organisers and festival-goers. 

Whitby Musicport 

A small-scale world music festival held at the end of October, which can be rather cold! Good thing it’s held indoors. It’s the high-calibre of bands which makes this such a consistently great festival. 


A small but enthusiastically put together rock festival held in Manchester. Lots of sweaty fun. 

Marsden Jazz Festival 

Very well organised festival set in the beautiful hills of Marsden. I usually go to all the free peripheral gigs, last year I took advantage of a photo pass to capture the higher profile musicians. 


A free festival held in Barnsley. The atmosphere was actually really nice and some great bands played. I did like some of the ‘grim oop north’ shots I captured though! 

Leeds Mela 

A large scale Asian festival held at Roundhay Park in Leeds. I love Asian fashion which can be very photogenic but the music is usually awful.